Monday, November 01, 2010

Self-help Blabber

This morning on my way to the office, a guy who sat across me opened up a book called "The Achiever", I didn't notice who the writer is, but I do notice is a self-help book (judging on those tagline "20 ways to achieve your goals" or something like that)

It got me thinking, I never really fond to these so-called self-help books. With amazing marketing strategy these books always come up with tasty title and tagline. And with large variety of genres e.g : money, relationship, diet, personality, you name it! They got it all! Long long time ago, I read this typical of books -- If I'm not mistaken I read the "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" series. Trust me, this books is annoying...hehe.... Or maybe it's just matter of preference, I've always feel annoyed every time the self-books tried to solve your problem by their to-do list method. But maybe some of people find this method is helpful. When I was on state of confusion and need a little direction, my proven self-help method are scribbling on my journal, watching DVD, reading books, chatting with my girls or praying -- praying for me is the highest level of my method...hehe...

Let's move on to a lighter blabber, I've finally decided to get myself a driving license next week!! Yihaaa!!! I must say my driving skill is on semi-intermediate level with A/T transmission...wakakakakak... I'm so proud..hihi.. -- maybe a little too proud. Driving for me is like another life achievement..hehe... I've never driving anything with real engine...hehe.. So, please don't count that I could ride a bicycle...haha... Even with a bicycle, I've never been such a good driver. Crashed on bushes or little smash on tree is very usual on my bicycle activity. Hopefully, I could rockin' on this car driving....amen.

Alright then, have a good day wherever you are.