Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm an Eagle!

I found an interesting post from one of my dearest friend, Resti. Sorta inspired myself to wrote the exact same post...hehe...

I took a lot of those online personality quizzes, astrology test, birth date quizzes..you named it! I do enjoy it, I love it. That's one my favorite online activity. This Mayan Day Sign summarized it all! Every test I took, it always mentioned something about being free and independent.

I always thought, I'm lil' bit anti-social. But it wasn't, I'm literally an Eagle, beibeh!! Haha.. It sounds so awesome! But in real life, not that awesome :(

Based on my Mayan Sign, It says that I have an escapist side, I think most of people also have this side too. But maybe for me, it's just my personality. I always said to my best friend, that's sometimes I don't really like people. They're nosy. They're often "too curious" about somebody else's life, especially women. They're pretty challenging to be avoided. Not to mention those "emak-emak rumpi" who's contastly asked about my relationship status -- so typical.

When I was in high school, I kept persuaded myself to get excited with those prom thingie, pensi and chasing cute boys (don't get me wrong, I really loooove cute guys, but I'd rather talk to them than stalk them) but I always ended up watching DVDs and played PlayStation at home. Those things always make myself excited!

The older I get, the more challenging the things. At work, I don't feel myself as a competitive person. I don't see it why I should be in the top management or something like that..hehe.. People maybe see this as weird concept of career or just simply calling myself lazy. For me, as long as I'm enjoying what I am doing, I'll stick with it. And when I stop feel an enjoyment, I'll stop and starting to explore a new thing.

I do love concept of freedom, this is your life. The best way to live your life is by set your own rules and go with it. People are allowed to express their concerns, suggestions, disagreements and even supports. But it's wisely if you're still the one who's steer the wheel. Yeah, freedom could be abused, but I always tried to use my freedom with the most less damage. Maybe, because I love freedom so much, that's the reason why I've never been such a good planner. Every time I wrote a to-do list, I always feel a compulsion to randomly started the the list from the middle or even from the latest list. That's my bad habit, I guess.... :)

But what I irritated the most it's the constant "against the rules" label on my forehead. I've never against the rules, I lived my rules carefully. I just don't feel it to follow the rules if it isn't necessary. Such as get married before the age of 25, tendency to be act/called "boyish" just because I love short hair and wore pants rather than skirt, being called "girlie" because pink is my favorite color, being less-intellect because I like chick-lit rather than those "awesome" marketing books, called less-religious because it's so rare to me took 5x of prays. Thank you very much, for seeing myself as those common social label. Really, peeps, you're all should stop! Because you're gonna missed to see people as a "person" and who are you to judge?

It seems on real life, Eagle could flying and soaring freely, huh? But, I'm still the Eagle!! Just catch me if you can.... :)