Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sex, Ariel and Videotapes

"Served while still hot"

That's my grandma used to say. And I'm well aware there's no correlation in this post topic...hahaha... What I'm trying to say is I wanna give a little perspective on our internationally famous local home-made sex video. The hottest topic in town, beibeh!! And became 2 days in a row on Twitter's trending topic! It was amazing..ly sad....

Why is sad? Because once again, women become the most objectify on this typical case. The Women became The Slut and The Guy became The Rockstar. It's so typical, isn't it? Well, I'm trying not to take side and be objective. But of course, there's gender talking here. Man always have been on lower level on harm. Women always on the side of the humiliation and immorality. It seems our culture have taught us "It's okay to be an asshole but don't be a slut" For common example: it's always been more sinful for women; who cheats, who smokes, who drinks and partying, while the other gender who does it, it's sexy! And of course, understandable and forgiveable.

When the sex video leaked on the internet, I was pretty shocked. Especially, I felt deep sympathetic for Luna Maya. I must say I like her, she's pretty and funny. A rare combination on nowadays Indonesian celebs. Because I do believe this thing could destroy her career. Remember what happened to Edison Chen, he just vanished...whoossshhhh!

I don't really care about the authenticity of the woman in that video. If it wasn't her, I feel pathetic for the woman who did it. And IF it's really her, then what? People have sex all the time. Don't be hyprocrite that you REALLY are closed your eyes by the fact that in the big city like Jakarta, pre-marital sex is a taboo. No, it doesn't! It's a taboo to talk about it but it's really not for doing it +yeah, that's true, parents...hahaha+

Anyway, I haven't seen the video on a full length. I've only seen it in a flash moment...hahaha.. Besides, I never have high interest on watching people have sex in video or in any medium without supported by well-written story...hahahaha... So unsexy!

Another hypocrisy that happened due this sex video thingie is people took the blame to the couple as they promoted pornography to society. I mean, WTF?? Pornography is always been there all along even before this internationally famous Ariel Peterporn. I saw on the local news this afternoon, there's some of people who burned poster of Ariel, because they dissapointed that he made a "porn-video". Just FYI, you need a little research before you talked, darling... What porn video really is? Just googled it or ask Wikipedia. Based on Wiki, it says that porn videos always have a commercial intention. A private sex video is not technically became a porn.

There's some people who have sex and videotaped it. Personally, I think that's an insane thing to do...hehehe.. It's very risky and I'll feel very very odd if I do it...wakakakakak...

And some parents even took a blame to this video because they believe it will corrupted their kids mind. Oh, come on!! It's not the sex that will corrupted their mind, it's the lack of knowledge. We need to take seriously about the sex education at school. When people heard about sex-ed the first thing that crossed on their mind is "the act of sex" not the whole spectrum of the sex itself. Suddenly sex became the most dangerous thing.

Personally, I always think, just don't take sex too seriously and too lightly. Just in a balanced point of view...hehehe... Especially, when you became an adult, the decision on doing it is all yours. It's supposed become your conscious choice. On that state, I think you've already well informed about the joy and the risk, right?

As I'm about to close this post, I'll give you the moral of the story:


It is applicable to everyone who have sex or who have sex and videotaped it...hehehe...
(My tips: put on separate hard-disk and put inside safe deposit box with complicated lock keys)

See ya. Have a nice life, everyone....

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I’ve gotten realized more and more precisely that I’ve never like too many tittles tattles. Actually, I’m a pretty straight forward person; I don’t like unnecessary small talk because it feels fake and waste of time. There’s lot of differences between small talk over cup of cappuccino with my best buddies and with so-called stranger in my life who’s craving my attention so much. They’re bugging me, they’re bugging other people near me, they wept, they annoy my daily life, they mad, they begged and finally they became delusional by twisting another story.

It makes me wonder, why there’s a person that could be so nosy?? Especially to me, Hey! I’m the most laid-back person on earth. I always have lack of interest sniffing on somebody else’s life. I mean, I don’t have the rights to do so…except that people allowed me to being part of their personal life. I have a very high respect on other people’s privacy.

It always fascinated myself if there’s a person who's overly-excited with somebody else’s life. Is their life too boring? Well, trust me most of people’s life is boring too…haha… Well, in this case, I got an interesting-boring life…huehehehe…

And of course, being stalked is so uncool... Pardon my exaggerated term…wakakakak… But that’s what I felt lately. This kind of people became so demanding every day. They demand your extra attention...yeah, that’s insane! When I ignored them, they started being a weepie bastard. They have an extra energy and time not just annoyed my life but also other people’s life. Begged my attention by creating delusional story and tell it to other people (trust me, that’s happened in my unnecessary life…hahaha)

I hailed them. Bravo!! Thanks for convinced me that you really are not worth my attention! Sorry to say, man…you just failed really hard on winning my attention.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Your Royal Hotness

I know there's a lot of people who doesn't like Jake Gyllenhaal.... But I just couldn't resist his charm. He's simply my fave type of guy....huehehehehe... He's goofy, funny and nice. And I must say he's pretty damn good actor especially for peculiar character like Donnie Darko and Bubble Boy. Currently he's trying his luck on Jerry Bruckheimer's action-fire-in-a-hole-blockbuster Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time. A very nice try indeed...at least for me...hehe.. He's bulked up with sexy body and abs supported by those dreamy-bedroom eyes...wakakakakak... Totally sexual!! I have to re-watched, though. Because when the first time I watched it, Jake's totally distracted me!! plus I missed a couple minutes on the opening scenes. Which I hated so much, I've never like to missed any scenes while I watch on theater.

All I wanna to say is, when it comes to Jerry Bruckheimer films don't even care to take seriously on his film's story, trust me, it will waste your time. What you have to do is pay the movie ticket, buy a bucket of popcorn & coke, sit nicely and enjoy the film.

Critics don't like "Prince of Persia" I don't know why but for me it's an okay-film. It wasn't like Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen which clearly selling Ms. Fox's ass-et and unfunny jokes. Maybe they're expecting too much with all those heavy promotions and stuff. In United States you could see PoP poster all over the places with a various sizes. Jake's body all over the country!!! And sadly to say, I guess lot people don't like it either. PoP couldn't open the weekend (which is rare, if you compared to other Jerry Bruckheimer's films) lose the race to Shrek: Forever After and Sex and The City 2. Current box office stats today placed Prince of Persia on 4th place after Jonah Hill's Get Him To The Greek and Katherine Heigl's action rom-com Killers. Suckeyyyy..... This thing could led to no-sequel status, people!!!

Anyway, let's talk the more important stuff. I googled Jake vigorously the last past weeks (until now...hahaha) And I found some of my fave photos of Jake. And of course, I am happy to share with you all. Enjoy!!

(photos courtesy Sweet and Talented)

What an eye-yummy, isn't it?

All right, enjoy your morning and have a nice day wherever you are...