Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Want 'Em, Got 'Em

There's always been good enough reasons to want something. People always want anything that crossed their mind. You named it! Fancier car, bigger salary, bigger apartment, more shoes and clothes, somebody else's man/woman (trust me, it's on somebody's list! hehe...) The higher risk, the more exciting to pursue. The higher demand, the bloodier its competition.

It's a human nature for being ambitious and never satisfied. That's what made capitalist and advertising industry always with happily sneer in joyful triumph...yihaaa!!!

Alright, since I'm in the middle attack of boringness... The subject of writing above suddenly just popped into my head. Geez, I want a lot of things lately. I wanna buy lot of things, but of course there's limitation on buying department. I already swipe my credit card on new cellphone (which my friend said "you don't really need it, right?") On my defense, I do really need a brand new cellphone because my old one.......mmmm...... is lame...wakakakakakakakakakak... I don't have a good excuse, really..haha... I just want a more kick-ass cellphone with nice color.

Let's move to another intellectually challenge discussion...hehe...

Mmmmm.... Let's find the topic, shall we? What about cute boys...mmm... I really want to discuss about them but sadly I don't have any stock of cute boys to talk about. You know what I want right now, Coffee Bean Caramel Ice Blended with Chicken & Mushroom Quiche and a big slice of Royal Chocolate cake plus Sushi Tei Crispy Roll and Salmon Maki. What a heaven!!!


Let's signing off!!! Before this post affected your brain with unnecessary thought.

Have a nice afternoon wherever you are.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning (Curcol Sang Perempuan Cilik)

Mmm.... kalo denger kata "Senin" bawaannya pengen nambah jumlah hari weekend. Salah satu temen kantor gue pernah bilang kalo menurut dia, seharusnya weekend berjumlah 3 hari berarti Sabtu, Minggu, dan Senin alasannya Sabtu buat dating, Minggu buat maen sama temen-temennya dan Senin untuk istirahat. Good idea sebenernya...hehehe...

Kalo gue pribadi, sih pengennya kerjanya di rumah atau sambil jalan-jalan keliling dunia (pokoknya sambil jalan-jalan, lah... jalan-jalan keliling mall maksudnya...huehehehe) Gue bener-bener berharap dikasih petunjuk gaib supaya gue bisa jalan-jalan dan dibayar...wakakakakakak.... I'm so clueless about this one, but as always, I knew I'll got it someday.... Just don't ever give up hope and trying ^_^ Dulu, ketika gue masih lucu dan naif (jauh sebelum gue menjadi gadis yang cantik jelita +silakan muntah+) Gue bercita-cita jadi pramugari kayak bokap gue (since it's my father, jadinya pramugara...hehe) Entah kenapa istilah Bahasa Indonesia selalu sexist, padahal kalo english term-nya simply flight attendant aja either lo cewek atau cowok +maap, sedikit ngelantur+

Gue ngerasa kayaknya seru banget liat bokap gue bisa keliling dunia gratis (dan dibayar), pake seragam keren (kalo seragam cewek pastinya lebih keren lagi), tinggal di hotel keren (yang per night-rate nya bisa buat belanja 3 bulan) Tapi sepertinya alam semesta berkehendak lain, waktu gue kelas 1 SD gue di dianogsa punya kelainan di mata gue (selain kelainan mental yang emang udah dari lahir...wakakakakakakak) namanya astigmatisma kalo istilah populer di Indo adalah "silindris" padahal "silindris" itu sendiri adalah jenis lensa kacamata yang digunakan oleh penderita astigmatisma dan karena dunia itu lucu, penderita astigmatisma itu hereditary alias 'diwariskan' sejak lahir sehingga gak bisa dicegah.

Oke, sampe disini seorang gadis mungil berusia 6 tahun yang lucu ini harus merelakan cita-citanya +halah+ Tapi secara gue orangnya kepedean, gue masih tetap berharap nantinya di masa depan ada penemuan operasi mata yang canggih yang bisa 'menghilangkan' astigmatisma gue. Tapi seperti yang selalu gue bilang bahwa hidup gue selalu lucu banget (sampe kalo ketawa aja terdengar miris...he...he...he...) Entah mengapa sejak gue menginjak SMP, my body has stopped growing (well, I still got my boops and all.. Thanks for that..haha) Tinggi gue gak pernah bertambah lagi, mandek kayak orang sembelit sebulan. Udah buang ke laut jawa aja cita-cita gue jadi pramugari. Tapi dimana ada tragedi, disitu ada Shakespeare.....nggak, deh...hehe... Ya, walaupun harus pasrah pada keterbatasan fisik sebenernya tetep aja seru, sih. Gue masih tetap bisa menikmati fasilitas yang dikasih bokap gue, kayak jalan-jalan gratis dan nginep di hotel-hotel keren. Tapi kalo orang control freak kayak gue ini pengennya, sih gue yang ngedapetin itu semua bukan hanya karena fasilitas yang 'dikasih'...hehe...

Anyway, sepertinya gue jadi sedikit curhat.... Memang efek senin pagi bisa bikin orang ngelantur kemana-mana.

Okelah kalo begitu.... Saya signing off dulu, ya... See you in the next post.


Have a nice day wherever you are.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Kid On The Block...and Guy Talk


It's been a while since my last post grumbling about being back to real-life business. My first week was remarkable....remarkably weird. N
ew smell, new people, new faces, new office-culture, you named it... My new office definitely bigger than my former office, bigger building (it's a three-storey building) and bigger number of employee who works there. As people say "The Bigger is Better". On contrary, limitation of my temporal lobes function which involves processing complex stimuli of faces and scenes (well, I googled it... I just wanna look smarter...wakakakakak) made everything slightly more complicated and challenging. It REALLY took lot more times to memorize and capture everything. It's like playing game "Pick The Right Name for The Right Face" on super-fast mode and of course, with help from my social capability of awkwardness, I guess I'm not yet winning everybody's heart this week...wakakakakakakak...

Anyway, good thing about my new office is its location. I could use 5 minutes walk from my rented-room to go to my office, so I could save some of transportation expenses. And not to mention there's lot of food places around, which obviously is a very good news for my stomach!!

Speaking of cute guys department, at the new office maybe that's the first thing to look even before you know where your desk is. Sometimes I have to wake myself up for big city reality of cute guys availability, your choices are very limited from "already taken"
(either married or dating), codependent-narcissist, gay and severe unfunny dudes. Well, my fairy-tale guy is someone who's got changing eye-color, blood-sucking and sparks (wait, that's Edward Cullen...wakakakakak...) Nope, my favorite would be someone who's simply cute and funny just like The Weepies's song. Cute and funny is relative, I know some people think Tukul Arwana is funny and Indra Bekti is cute +oh, God please help me+

Cute and funny it's just a very nice-romantic combination of my favorite guy, it could be his cuteness make him funny or his sense of humor make him cute...well, it's pretty confusing, isn't it? haha... Usually that type a guy always makes me nervous. Every time I met that type of guy, my knees suddenly boneless and I'm stuttered...hence my ability of being awkward...huehehe.. I met a cute-funny guy once and since my life always considerably ironically-funny, he's already dated someone else (of course, yeah..) but I'm still enjoy his company for enlighten my day (thanks to you, cutie!) Cute and funny also become relative, when it comes to commitment...suddenly he becomes not that cute and funny. That's the awkwardness about relationship, it took courage to accept he's not that cute and funny anymore. But, you know people said "Love conquers all" Soo... there's still hope, right? ^_^

I hope you don't smell any desperation in this post...hehehe... I'm being hopeful here. Who knows, fairy tale does come true for some people. And since my fairy tale do not involve any guy in shining armor, riding a white horse and sparkling, it's just a guy who's cute and funny... maybe.....+cross finger+ Well, the tricky part is would it be that guy have a same thought about me....huehehehehe......

Alright, then..

I'll see in the next post.
And for cute guys out there: just remember wink at me....huehehehe...

Have a nice day wherever you are.


Friday, April 09, 2010

A Reality Comeback: New Job!

I got a job!

Yep, this is it.

This is the time, I'm officially should saying goodbye to my comfort zone and embracing reality. +hiks+ I've been dramatic for this one, I must say 'comfort zone' is like strongly-addictive drugs. Well, I'm not being an ungrateful person... I guess, I'm still dancing in my comfort zone.

Alrighhhhtttt, let's moving on..... Enough being dramatic!

2 more days to reality...ARGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Okay, moving on.

Anyway, first thing first: I should find another rented room due my inhuman working hours. That's another reality-fact as a graphic designer: a lame working hours. I don't blame anybody here... it all happens just because our society working ethic. Hence a famous phrase among our society: "Kalo bisa lama, ngapain dibuat cepet". Those phrase nailed as hard as rock on the wall alongside our country symbol a mighty "Burung Garuda".

Well, I don't know what to say right now, I'm still in mourning over my addictive laziness. +sigh+

Gosh! I wanna be a witch.

There I say it, that's what I really want since I was a kid and of course, I've been raised with "Sabrina: The Teenage Witch" and "Charmed" TV series. With my lazy and crazy persona I think, becoming a witch is a perfect job choice to me even as a perfect personality.

Udah, ah

Have a nice day wherever you are.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Good Mood

"The problem with having a sense of humor is often that people you use on aren't in a very good mood" (Lou Holtz)

I'm in a good mood.

Nope, I'm still jobless and broke. Nope, I ain't showering yet. Nope, I'm not dating Shia Labeouf. Nope, I'm still clueless about my future. Simple to say I'm just at ease...hehe.

Jangan tanya kenapa, karena pastinya saya juga gak tau. Perlu diakui, gue bisa tiba-tiba merasa senang hanya "terbuai" oleh hal-hal yang dianggap remeh sama kebanyakan orang. Mood baik gue dimulai ketika bangun pagi tadi. Yang biasanya bangun jam 9-an, tadi gue bangun jam 6.30 dan langsung beresin tempat tidur (FYI: ini kebiasaan gue dari kecil dan bukan karena gue penggemar pelajaran PPKn,lho..hehe... Gue cuma selalu ngerasa risih kalo liat tempat tidur yang awut-awutan) Kemudian disambung dengan sarapan bubur ayam langganan gue yang rasanya enak dan harganya murah meriah. And then, kegiatan gue berlanjut dengan ngecek status internet wireless yang dari kemaren gak aktif-aktif padahal udah diisi ulang. Voila! Ternyata internet aye berjalan dengan sangat lancar... Senangnyaaaaa........

Udah gitu aja.

Aku senang.

Basi, yeee??? Hehehe...

I'm just feeling so good +sambil joget india+

Kalau soal urusan job-hunting sebenernya minggu lalu ada sedikit pencerahan, gue dipanggil lagi untuk "tes" ngebuat desain poster, sebenarnya agak aneh karena gue belum pernah denger ada tes masuk untuk graphic designer. Mungkin banyak terjadi portfolio froggery jadi dibutuhkan pembuktian skill layaknya Naruto harus ikut tes dulu supaya bisa lulus jadi Chunin...wakakakak..

Kalo ngomongin soal sumber happiness, gue orangnya sangat gampangan. Abis makan enak aja gue bisa bahagia (recommended: Pancious Pancake Bolognaise). Maen seharian sama my best buddies udah lebih dari cukup untuk ngebuat senang dan bahagia. So far, mood swing gue hanya berkisar antara "stagnant feeling" dan "good feeling"...hehehe..

Mmm... speaking of happiness, udah pernah nonton film A Good Year? Film ini dibintangi oleh si gladiator Rusell Crowe dan french beauty Marion Cottilard serta disutradarai oleh Ridley Scott. Film yang diadaptasi dari novel berjudul sama karangan Peter Mayle ternyata asik banget dan sangat feeling-good kind of movie. Ceritanya sebenarnya sangat mudah ditebak, tapi chemistry antar pemainnya sangat bagus ditambah pemandangan countryside Provence, France sukses ngebuat gue pengen punya rumah disana. Alkisah, Max Skinner (Rusell Crowe) seorang trade booker ambisius (a.k.a a greedy bastard) asal London mendapatkan warisan sebuah chateau dari pamannya yang baru saja meninggal dunia. Tapi secara Max adalah orang yang sangat money-oriented, dia justru berniat untuk menjual chateau tersebut. Dan cerita bergulir seperti layaknya rom-com sejenis yang sangat mudah ditebak endingnya. Si Max akhirnya memutuskan terbang ke Perancis untuk mengecek chateau tersebut dan accidentally bertemu Fanny Chenal (Marion Cottilard), a Provence-local girl dan akhirnya saling jatuh cinta. And of course, you could absolutely guess the ending. A cliche but pretty nice.

Karakter Max Skinner sebenarnya sangat menyindir kehidupan di kota besar yang greedy dan artificial. It's all about power and money seperti salah satu quote Max "Winning isn't everything but the only thing!" Terkadang karena "terlalu" sibuk mikirin uang, jabatan dan kekuasan, kita terkadang menjadi lupa sama hal "remeh-temeh" dalam kehidupan, a little things like a good foods, good laugh even a good friend. It's all about winning and reigning. Salah dialog yang memorable buat gue adalah ketika Max menolak untuk tinggal di Provence (kalo sedikit misquote, maap ye..hehe)

Max: "This place does not suit my life"
Fanny: "No Max, it's your life that does not suit this place"

Film yang gue rekomendasi sebagai reminder kalo uang dan kekuasaan sebenarnya hanya sebuah temporary happiness. Familiar sama situasi berburu sepatu atau tas idaman sampe rela ngutang atau cakar-cakaran buat ngedapetinnya? Tapi anehnya nggak sampe sebulan pasti glorious feeling-nya juga udah ilang gak berbekas...hehe..

As I about to close this post, there's another sexy quote from this film.

+kissing scene Max and Fanny+
Max: "Forgive my lips, they find joy in the most unsual place......"

Alamakkkkkk........ Kalo ada yang ngomong kayak gitu sama gue, I'll give you everything either you're a man or a woman (lho?? wakakakakakakakakakakakakak......... bercanda, ah) Dan satu lagi, I toootally adore british accent from Tom Hollander, disini dia berperan sebagai Charlie Willis, sahabat si Max. Who the hell is Tom Hollander, anyway? Yang selalu ngikutin Pirates of The Carribean pasti familiar sama karakter antagonis Lord Cutler Beckett. Nah, itu dia si Tom dan honestly, he looks pretty cute in this film.

Susah bener nyari fotonya si Tom...hehe... Okay, I guess I'll see you later on the next post.

Have a nice life wherever you are.