Friday, January 29, 2010

Back To Jobless


Petty’s back for reality check!!! Hehehe… It’s been a very long long long time for not updating this blog. It seems so many things to spread a little in this world wide web. There are a lot of things going on in my semi-interesting life. But the most interesting part is that I QUIT MY JOB! Boom! Just like that…hehehe… Actually, it’s kinda trill to realize that I’ve been worked for a year. That’s pretty awesome for a person who’s never ever work before like myself…wakakakak. Why did I quit? It’s simple, I fed up and I think, it will be nice if I could just have a little reality break…hehe.

And that moment I started to hate my job and I tried to avoid that feeling so I’d rather quit. Cause I just don’t wanna hate something that I love. I mean I do love design but at that moment, I almost hate my job as graphic designer. The client acted like they know better about communication design than all people in my office. Well, maybe is another reality check: Clients are naturally designed to be pain in the ass know-it-all assholes.

On contrary, I got no problem at all with my office-mate. Well, the salary wasn’t that good but I think I can manage that…hehehe... It’s never been a problem really. Mmm…well, it does, when I bought too many shoes and DVD…wakakakak. It’s pretty sad to leave them actually. They all cool both as a colleague and as a friend. I had so many good times there.

It’s been almost a month being a happy jobless, boringness is not attack myself yet and I’m still have a little money from my last salary, so… I think I’m doing just fine so far. I’m like a nun in convent without the prayer stuff of course…huehehehe… Do DVD marathon – activity that I missed the most. Another reality check: Work could eating your free time out. Read books – I think I missed a couple good books out there. I found new magical series. Well, maybe it wasn’t that new…. It titled “Percy Jackson and The Olympians”. A nice magical journey. It’s very entertaining with adventurous-adrenaline pace. You could put this book in between “Bartimaeus Trilogy” and “Harry Potter series”. And of course, please leave out “Magyk” by Angie Sage, because that book is too retarded for me. I also recommended “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins – the post-apocalyptic action drama novel that will rush your adrenaline.

Well, I guess that's it my life recap..hehe..

Have a good day whenever you are.