Monday, November 02, 2009

I Just Feel Like It

Maybe I'm one of those people, who's use less logical reasoning when chose something. I believe my intuition. Though, it wasn't always right but it never lies. Of course, there's a moment when I'm doubting my intuition. In life, there's too many choices (and decision) when you have to put aside your intuition a little while and let your logical mind to lead you. But..... It didn't work, not for me. That's not how I roll, man.... Hehehe....

When I'm involving too many logical reason as a basis on my decision, it leads me to confusion. My head became chaotic. It seems there's too many things I have to measured. For almost 23 years of my life, most of my decision based on my "I just feel like it" moment. My high school choice (I switched from private school to public school after I spent 10 years in private school), my college choice (I chose the most unknown college for "common" society), my decision for "only" took diploma degree instead of bachelor degree and when I decided A.J. Backstreet Boys is hotter than Nick Carter... Hehe.. Anyway, you got my point, right?

Some of my friends and some of my parents friends sometimes questioning my decision. I assumed (see? intuition talks... ^_^) They believe most of time that I took impulsive decisions on everything in my life. Even it called "Intuition" it never impulsive, not with my intuition. My intuition is a convincer...hehe.. Now I sound like Sherlock Holmes. The thing is... I just know what I'm doing, what I'm gonna do, how I'm gonna do it, and I just feel like it. I know, this style of decision-making isn't last forever. The older you get, the more reason you need. "I just feel like it" reason won't suit you when you decided to quit your job, when you propose to someone, when you switch your spiritual belief, even when you decided not get married at 20's. Even you're the one who lives your life, there are still many involvement in our life. Your social-peer, your best buddies, your society and not to mention ultimate power of our parents opinion. Especially, there's always a social standard you have to follow and if you don't, they'll talk. And most of these talks neither ear-friendly nor heart-friendly. Maybe you just need to balancing this method, the logical ones with "just feel like it" method. Or...... Try my forte, I usually make my "just feel like it" reason seems so convincing and prospectiveness.

Anyway, even so I'm a very intuitive, I'm still look both ways when I cross the street, I'm still put some logical mind for never wearing fishnet stocking and do before-married sex... But...well, if Zachary Quinto asked me to maybe I'll change my mind...wakakakakak... The bottom line is, whatever method you'll be using in decision-making, you always have to be the person who's lead the way. Not your parents, not your best buddy and not even God (that's what makes the terrorist).

Well, hopefully this post got added value for your insight ^_^

Alright, enough for the blabber...
Gotta back to real world.
Toddle loo.