Monday, September 28, 2009

1 Week and 2 Days of Redemption Report


First of all, I would like to say "Happy Eid Mubarak" to everyone. How your one week of wondrous holiday? Mine? Pretty delightful, actually although I got sick for two days (what a waste of holiday!) Since my grandma lived nearby, my family and I didn't practice what-so-called Indonesian famous tradition a.k.a Mudik... Thanks to that, because there's lot chaos and death in those mudik thingie. Even so, I'll be excited if I got a chance to do long-hours journey across the provinces...hehe.

Anyway, a little update about my sexy iPod. He's doing just fine, guys.... Got a new sleeve for him, a very nice iSkin Evo4 Duo in PopStar color (yep, he's look lil' bit kinky now...hehe).
Speaking of Ied Mubarak, I felt there's no something really festive in this year celebration. The Holy Day of Muslim people seems just passed by like a breeze. I remember when I was a kid, I always feel of excitement every time Ied Mubarak came closer. Long period of school holiday, new clothes, new stuff and of course, being money-grubbing to my uncles and other older relatives....Wakakakak (pardon my exaggerated term) This year I got excited for Ied Mubarak just because of one week holiday which I bet those holiday will be my longest stripping free-time ever!!! Bought lots of unnecessary stuff and tons of DVD. I bought a cute-purse or in another word I bought a children wallet...hehe. This purse got this cute cat image and plenty of compartment....cutieeeeeeeeeee.....

Also bought tons DVD, since I'm so rarely to do my favorite marathon watching. And I also discovered this unlikely fairytale love story starred by Franka Potente (known for her role opposite Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity) title The Princess and the Warrior (Der Krieger und die Kaiserin) The story is about a psych-ward nurse named Sissi, who's fall in love with small time criminal named Bodo (sorry for the name, man.. It's German.... Wakakakak...) who's save her on a car accident. Sissi happened to believe that both of them are destined to each other. She began to stalk him in order to make him believe that they meant for each other (yeah....psycho big time..wakakakak) Even though, Bodo told her that they don't meant fo each other and pushed her away. They constantly met in peculiar circumtances such as on a bank robbery (which happened to be Bodo as the bank robber). If you fond to film contain with peculiar stuff and odd sense, this movie is definitely for you. Totally recommended! You gotta watch it! (note: pretty similar with "Love Me If You Dare" only darker and less-surreal).

Okey dokey, blabbering times up!! Gotta back to work.
I'll see you soon

Have a nice day wherever you are.....

Friday, September 11, 2009


Yes, I am indeed.... I'm on-the-move planning so much. I finally decided to move back to my parents house this month. Since my office new policy stated there'll be no more overtime-working again (speaking of company financial-reducing act, duh?) Which is means my office hours will ended 5.30 PM everday. Nice.. Justice rules!! So, I think, I could manage BSD-Kemang-BSD everyday. Because there's no use being "anak kost" again. Since I'm easily to get bored everytime I went home early, stranded alone and got nothing to do at all. It seems my overtime-working changed my body-cycle or something. My brain constantly working until 12 AM-or more and it sucks if you got nothing to do at all. Can you imagine any constructive activity due 5.30 PM until 12 AM when you all alone without any human being beside you? Mmmm... I tend to be suicidal if I'm alone...wakakakakak. Plus I missed "ngelamun" activity on my way home or vice versa. With iPod played smoothly in my ear, sitting on window side of the bus, watching traffic jam outside and my head's ready to flown away from reality. Nice...

Sometimes, I picked up couples random awesome ideas during that constructive activity..hehe.. Well, maybe I just love being only with my thoughts. What I hate is when someone doing chit-chat with me while I'm on the bus. Not all people maybe, what I meant is, people you don't expect to meet. Like what-so-called annoying old friend who's bragging about their successful or conquering-the-world-type of story. It's not mean that I don't like listen to other people's story of life. It supposed to be my "me" time and it just annoy me when someone ruins my sacred moment. Anyway, life isn't supposed to be told, it has to be walked in it. You can told about your life when you already have grandchildren. Feel freely bragging about your conquering-life story. You're only live for 20-something years of life, what kind of life you already have anyway? Well, except you've got bitten with superpower spider or something..wakakakakak.

Now, practically still got no job to do. All my works still on a waiting list for client approval. Sometimes, I wonder why it took a long time of approval for such a very simple design like x-banner. I mean, it just a template, people! Same layout, same image and the only differences is the merchant's benefit. +sigh+

All right, then.. See you on the next post.
I'll post my goodbye-notes of my rent-room...hehe..

Monday, September 07, 2009

I've Just Destroyed My A-Month-Old iPod

+nangis darah+
Baru aja sebulan, gue udah (as always) broke anything I have. F-U-C-K!!!!!
Kronologis menyedihkan ini adalah semalem seperti biasa gue lagi asik-asik aja gitu masukin video sama film baru ke iPod gue. Terus pas tadi pagi gue nyalain, I sense something weird about my sexy black 120 gigs. Pertama, ada beberapa Cover Album yang gak ke-detect sama si iPod, gue dengan sotoy-nya sok berpikir "ah, paling nih gara-gara sync-nya gak bener di windows gue" tapi setelah itu, I sensed something really really wierder, "kok, lagu-lagunya suka ke-skip sendiri" Wahhhhhhhhh....ini pertanda emang iPod gue udah kenapa-napa. Apalagi pas gue masuk menu Cover Flow, cover art-nya banyak yang gak ke-detect dan parahnya ada beberapa yang gambarnya kayak gambar TV rusak, gitu!!!!!!! WTFOMG!!! What s shitty shitty thing!!!!!!!!! I've already reset it, it works but my iTunes couldn't detect my iPod!!! How am I gonna restore it, huh????!!!!

Alright, I need to cool off my head for a while I even couldn't concentrate to post this. +sigh+
Panic attack big time.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Counting Down Part 2.

I'm back again for another blabbering and grumbling. How are you doin' so far on this lovely almost-noon time? Me? Still counting down the days to the weekend of course! Can't hardly wait for Idul Fitri holiday, my office will give us one wonderous week of holiday!! What a wonderful time it will be, huh? Last night after boring big time at office, I spent a leisure time with my after work partner-in-crime, Icut on Plaza Senayan. I totally got tons of fun, totally paid my boring moment at the office. We went for sushi and watch "The Proposal". For love of God.... I think, I won't get enough to see stripped Ryan Reynolds in my life. My head and heart couldn't stop yelling "I WANT MORE, I WANT MORE, I WANT MORE!!!!" And again, I wish I could bought him for me...HUAHAHAHA. Ryan Reynolds for one, please! The movie is totally entertaining and funny, the whole people in theater laugh for all the jokes and stupid things Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds did. And I also craved an ankle-boots on ZARA, speaking of another consumerism debit card swipe this weekend.

Wait, my pray is answered, I got job to do!
I'll guess I'll see you, then

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Counting Down (with special bonus an earthquake vibes)

Counting down the hour to the end of office-hour... +tick-tock+
Gee... Still three more boring hours to go. Damn! Still got no work to do, I just hope I could go home and sleep like those good old days back in college... Wakakakak. Or even better go sight-seeing in the mall and Kinokuniya bookstore until fasting hour is done. Wait a minute.... I just feel an earthquake vibes...Hiiiiiiii. Based on portal news DetikNews there is a real earthquake on Tasikmalaya with 7.3 scala richter power with Tsunami potential. Please God don't let it happen, it's not even year 2012 and I'm still 22 (and single) Wakakakakak...

Speaking of 2012-armageddon prophecy, people are getting crazier about that stuff. They published lots of books based on that Maya prediction even Hollywood released a big budget film titled "2012" directed by Roland Emmerich, the director who's specialized on disaster film. Have you seen the full trailer? Watch it, guys... It's horrifiying! I just hope when it happen, I've already in heaven (hey, I'm rhyming...huehehehe). I've always been doubtful about any prediction about armageddon or other stuff about massive destruction. I mean, who are we, really? We just a tiny living creatures in this gigantic universe. But people are easy to drawn for something that got huge dramatic effect. But it's good point as reminder for people to be more concern about our planet.

But I got own theory about 2012 prophecy. If (note that, I say "IF) the prophecy proved to be true, which is we have to wait until December 22, 2012 to find out. If our world must turn into dust through horrifiying destructive process. I believe, all things that happened because it should happened. It's just like when Dinosaurus vanished from Earth million years ago. It's like a circle of life process. Like birth-live-die process. I think, Earth (or universe) also has that kind of pattern. Maybe year 2012 is on pattern "die" or I believe on "rebirth" mode. Maybe, universe is on his way to "rebirth" for something advance. Human being is on their way for being more advanced creatures. Remember those Pre-historic humans and with evolution turned to creature like "us". Maybe human in this modern day are ready to be replaced for something new and sophisticated creature. Able walk through the wall, maybe? Wakakakak....

Well, that's just thoughtless opinion from a smart-ass girl. But, if I'm still alive and healthy when the disaster occur. I got some to-do list: (yeah, it's not necessarily in order. Of course, it'll be involved some panic attacks..hehe)
  1. Holding hands together with family
  2. Pray, hoping it won't be a painful process. Hopefully, it'll be quick (maybe anesthetic shot will help..wakakak)
  3. The day before, I'll go full time for food-pleasuring with my best buddies
Well, pretty much that's it. I could not even imagine if that thing really happened...Wakakakak. I'll be scared shitless +knocking on the wood+

It's 5.45 pm now.... Still 45 minutes to go home. Better...hehe..
I guess I'll see you soon.