Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Semi-Late Night Post

I guess, I'm having low blood sugar tonight, maybe it causes by small amount of sleep....

Hopefully, I'll have tons of fun after work....wakakakak... Life is getting crazier now... Well, not really actually I'm just being dramatic...hehe..'s your weekend everybody? Me? Never better I even watched Hannah Montana: The Movie last week...hehehe.... I know there will be lot of people judging by my movie preference this time...huehehehe... Don't get me wrong Hannah Montana is totally enjoyable, despite for it's cheesy-ness but it's totally suitable for kids in range 12-15 years old. Disney always know how to make commercial good quality popcorn movie. I recommended you to watch it with your little sister or your little cousin or niece. Already watched Public Enemies too, a total cool film I must say... Johnny Depp played with his unbeatable charisma as always, even Christian Bale couldn't compare to his...hehe. Michael Mann (director) also presented cool-video-hand held camera style with non-stop gun firing...nice. I must admit, the story runs pretty slow but still enjoyable with open eyes. Totally different with Transformer 2 even there's lots of action, it makes me pretty sleepy. Public Enemies isn't a popcorn movie and maybe not attract for most female audience except you're totally in love with Johnny Depp like me..huehehehe... It's more like guy movies. 'Cause the movie involve lots of gun firing and how to get whatever you want (well, that's sooooo male-ego). And not to forget both lead actors played awesome acting for their roles (Oscar nomination, everyone??). I totally recommended this film for you guys.

Enough said, then....
Have a good night.