Wednesday, July 01, 2009


"Lack of money is the root of all evil"

George Bernard Shaw-

That quote suites me well (I heart Bernard Shaw!) at least, for today. It causes me: laziness, fast-paced heartbeat, exaggerated worries and etc lame effects....Waaaaaaaa!!! You know what it means, huh??? It means I almost broke again... My pay day was just 5 days ago, but I've already spent almost 1/4 of my salary. It's not even a week yet, what the f???? And I'm just try to reminiscing what stuff I've bought. And it was nothing necessary really...Ugh.. Where all that money went??

Making money is always being the hard part, everybody knows that. But it's always so damn easy to spent it even until not left any dime on your account. I know, it's all my fault for being impulsive and reactive. Reactive by means I easily to react for those gigantic SALE sign on Zara & Debenhams and for my
suddenly-popped-in-idea in my not-so-brilliant head... Let's say, all the sudden I got an idea to paint my nail with black nail polish (FYI, I'm rarely to paint my nail! And why black color? Gee, I dunno maybe I'm into for some kind of new alien-religion society..wakakak... Why in the hell I got those idea?!) And here it goes, just like Tsunami blast... I spent almost a hundred rupiahs for those nail polish and nail remover thingie. And not to mention I found out that is so fuckin' difficult to paint your own nail. Shit!!! What a smart move, Petty!

And my other sin is I love to leisure myself. I mean, I love eat good food in good restaurant, watching a movie (It's almost six days in a row I always watched movie in theater!!) and using a taxi for my leisure transportation. Arrrggggghhhhhhhhhh..... I think I should change this kind of lifestyle, I adopted it since I was in Junior High but, since I didn't have money on my own it was little bit in control. And the crazy thing is I'm still considering to bought a new pair of shoes that's been on SALE in Zara. Oh, God shall Thou forgive me!

I apologize for too many grumbles, it's a chronic side-effect to let my purse off the hook and left nothing but 2 sheets of Rp 10.000,-. Thankfully, I don't have a credit card so, I don't get stuck with that devilish-circle of buy more-debt more. This is what happened if you let yourself into brand consumerism and a lifestyle that I don't supposedly own. Speaking of consumerism, I work in advertising industry for God's sake! I'm the one who get paid for making people wear those Topshop brand and thought they're as cool as Kate Moss or making people to subscribe those overly expensive pay TV and make they feel in some social-class climbing. Also not to mention, I'm taking part for making people bought those cosmetic brand and deceit them with those over-exposure digital imaging model. Speaking of devil's work...huehehe.. Ironically, I'm also those people who get persuaded for that consumerism lifestyle.

Enough said, then... I better to figure it out how am I gonna support my living for 3 more weeks.

Have a good day everyone.