Friday, November 21, 2008

Unmannered Woman

Ternyata ukuran manner seseorang tidak bisa diukur dari usia. Same thing with maturity, you just can't measure it by age. Karena ternyata masih banyak orang-orang yang berusia 'dewasa', simply couldn't behave on their age. Well, disini gw tidak akan mencoba menghubungkan antara usia dengan ambang kedewasaan seseorang, bagaimana seharusnya ia bersikap atau berbicara...Karena pastinya pembahasan posting kali ini jadi bakalan panjang. I am talking about manner here.. For me..manner isn't always depends by age. Even 5 years old kid is able to saying "please" when asking something to somebody.

On contrary, a 50 years old woman could so fuckin' impolite for not turning her cellphone off (or at least turn into a silence mode) and speaking so God damn loud on her phone with her annoying giggle in a Reflexiology Center, a place where supposed to be quite and peaceful!! These 3 overweight women (pardon my body-harassment words) right in this moment are succesfully ruining my nice and peaceful moment. Seharusnya ketika seseorang memutuskan untuk pergi ke tempat refleksi, people expect to enjoy a nice 60 minutes for releasing their stress veins, not for getting one! But, these 3 women totally losing out their manner.. I think, they're old enough (even one of them called herself 'Oma'. A fucking unbelieveable!) to have a sense to behave in such place. See..maturity isn't always could be measure by age.

By the way, this posting should've posted when me witness a live show of unmannered-act-of-3 whales occured, but I got bad server back then. So, I'm posting it now. Sorry for complaining too much.


Thursday, November 20, 2008


"....and then we get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds. You're not perfect, sport. This girl you met, she isn't perfect either. But the questions is whether or not you're perfect for each other. That's the whole deal. That's what intimacy is all about."

(Sean Maguire to Will Hunting, talks about the "imperfections" of a relationship. Taken from film "Good Will Hunting", 1997)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Brilliant Stupidity: What a Difference One Day Could Make


Gud Morning..
How all of you're doin'? Got something fantastic going on lately? I hope you got one, just like me! But sadly what I got is a fantastic-pathetic situation..Huehehe...

So, here is the story.. It happened a quite while ago.. I applied as a 'volunteer' in one of big event in Jakarta (well, 'volunteer' isn't mean they didn't pay me, is just the term they use for a freelancer) After I sent my CV through an email, two days after I sent it, I got a confirmation email from them they said they will give an acceptance confirmation on October 27. So.. On 27, I checked my email.. Well, I didn't get it any confirmation, I checked it until October 30.. Still didn't get any..

So, I decided that I didn't get the job. Here comes the dramatic moment (genderang berbunyi kencang..Hehe..) When I checked my email back on November 5.. You know what??! I got an interview invitation from them! (sent on October 31! One day gap from the last time I checked my email!) Due date on November 3, which is mean.. I've already 2 days late! I was like "holly-molly.. God damn.. That's so pathetic!" I wanna cry!! So, I sent them 'a thank-you-and-apologize-please-reconsider-me' email, but still I didn't get a chance to attend the interview... Well, sadly to say "fuck it, it's just not my luck" I have to admit I am lil' bit dissapointed.. It sucks,guys.. I mean, I've already to moving on with the fact 'I didn't get a job' but suddenly with that 'interview invintation' email, it feels like mocking me with "Hi, Petty..Here's a good news but, Ups..I guess you just so cannot have them!"

I really wanna blame them for their not-so-on-time confirmation, but blame me too for my brilliant stupidity for not checking my email for a week! It just 1 day gap since last time I checked my email! Well, I guess, it's just not my luck, that's that. Sucks but true, just like found out your boyfriend is cheating on you..Huehehe.. Alright then, hopefully you didn't get a story like mine..

See u. Au revoir.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Another Soliloquy

7.36 pm, an as always-boring-Monday-night, after the mad-rain stopped raining…

So here I am, do not know what to write actually…
A lot of bursting question though, as always… Yep, that’s me always questioning about everything…
Why I did that? Why am I so stupid? Why am I so careless? Questioning about life, about people’s perception, about people’s decision… and another blah-blah-blah-questions.
Too much asking, I guess… hehehe.. Or people said “kebanyakan nanya lu!”.
The pathetic part is usually I only much asking without any action attached. Another check for my New Year resolution (resolution number 3: added more action into my life).

A little fun fact why am I questioning many things. Based on Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele “The Enneagram Made Easy”. I am a type Four Enneagram personality, which is a Romantic Type. Description for Romantic type is “motivated by needs to understand their feelings and being understand by anyone else, searching for meaning of life, and avoid an ordinary self-image”
When I read that, I was like “hey, I think I know that kind of person very well!” Hehe… It’s just for fun actually, despite the fact I am a Romantic type or else, I don’t really care… I love to taking personality-fun quizzes, especially that taken from You should try it, it’s fun as boring-time-killing-machine.
Enneagram got 9 Types of personality,
Perfectionist, Helper, Achievement-seeker, Romantic, Observer, Worrying, Adventurer, Fighter, Peace-seeker

I got a bunch boring-free time these days, another fun fact: It’s because I am still jobless and still looking for a job. Who wants to offer me a job?? Raise your hand!! Anyone?!! Sounds desperate, huh? Hehe… But I got positivity that I will get a good job not much longer…It just take a little time and big efforts, that’s all… Positivity is all I need is this very moment, especially for such negative and cynical person like me..hehehe.. Don’t worry, I’m not a suicidal, I am too proud to die.
Anyway, I guess I am too much blabbering about myself… So, what am I gonna share to you? Mmm.. I’m thinking…

Alright, a week ago, Finally, I watched ‘Laskar Pelangi’, a such inspiring and moving piece. Andrea Hirata totally knocks me out! I love him! After watched the movie and after a very long period of break, I decided to continue to read the book again (thankfully, my mother got all of trilogy, even she has not finished read, yet) plus I got plenty of free-times. So, the verdict is, the book is AWESOME-errrrr than the movie, is more deep, funny, and touching. Maybe, because the movie is dedicate to general audience, so the story is being made more light and easy.

Laskar Pelangi trilogy, shows us the power of dreams, faith to your dream, education, love and friendship. You must read this, even though for ‘Laskar Pelangi’ I need to take 2-3 times to re-read every sentence. But, don’t worry, it’s not like a very hardcore-hard-to-understand-literature. It’s just because Andrea Hirata so into details for describing everything and anything with his poetic and somewhat scientific words.

My favorite ‘Sang Pemimpi’ and ‘Endensor’, I found it much more light in words. This time, I don’t need to take 2-3 times to re-read he sentence..hehehe… By read these books, I could see how big the power of the dreams and your faith in the dreams itself could make every impossible things seems very possible. You could found a magic of the dreams. Sometimes, people underestimate their dreams or for worse case, they even afraid to have one. But for Ikal (main character of Laskar Pelangi tetra logy and Andrea Hirata’s alter name) and Arai (Ikal’s cousin) their dreams is a essence for keeping their life. Ikal even called himself as ‘a dreamer’.

I totally recommended all of these books. Laskar Pelangi is a tetra logy. So far, 3 books already published (Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi, and Edensor) the last book, titled ‘Maryamah Karpov’ plan to released on October 2008, but I guess, it’s been a pending going on… I could not wait to buy the last one. It makes me believe about the power of dreams, and DREAMS COMES TRUE, if you have faith in it. Almost forgot, I also recommended Laskar Pelangi soundtrack, a very nice piece.

Alright, I guess I’ll see u soon.
Toddleloo. Keep dreaming. Have a nice one.



This is Zulfanny, a child-actor from Belitong, who played as Ikal or ‘Aku’ character in Laskar Pelangi: The Movie. Isn’t he cute and exotic? You must see him in the movie, a total cute and he’s got a brown eyes! Even I want to kiss him…Hehehe… Wake up, honey… He’s a 12-year old boy…HUAHAHAHA.. Mau sama tante??