Monday, October 27, 2008

Bus Passenger in Rainy Night

Hey.. I'm still on beloved bus that will carry myself back to home..Hehe..It's quite rainy outside, with perfect chill that soothe my feeling, with 'Nolita Fairytale' by Vanessa Carlton played in my ear..It's just perfect..Hehe..
Eniwei, I planned to watch 'Max Payne' with my friend, but it was cancelled (I guess now, I watch film in a very high dose..Hehe,since I'm still remain jobless) Her friends at her office said the film it's totally awful, worse than Indiana Jones IV..Hehe.. I didn't hate it, I just don't like it because of the 'alien effect'.
Oh, God..the bus moves so slowly.. You know what, I've been thinking lately..Well, 'thinking' it doesn't came out right..I got this asshole feeling again! You know, the-scared-shitless-of-failures-feeling..Oh, I hate it so much, makes me think about everything negatively, decreasing my faith on myself and always do 'other people's grass is always greener'.. I hate myself when this feeling coming..This feeling always come unexpectately..Just like death..Hehe.. The difference is, it just temporarily..When the feeling vanish into thin air, I'll get my positive thought back.. I hope it's just side effect from my first day period, sometimes it makes my mood jugling.. Alrighty, my finger getting tired tapping on this tiny keypad and the bus driver already shut the light..
Au revoir, have a good night sleep everyone..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


check this out,

Shia Hot

Mmmm....totally left out something in my mind..hehe..
I really get an idea...mmmm....

see u later.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Morning

Hei....Happy Sunday, everyone...
Gw lagi di UMN (Universitas Multimedia Nusantara), lagi nugguin adek gw tes masuk...daripada boring nungguin, I decided to do blogging.... kayaknya ntar juga berencana nonton 'Laskar Pelangi' sama nyokap, semoga udah gak penuh +cross finger+
Yesterday, I saw 'Eagle-Eye' with my friends in Blitz, the movie is a perfectly sucks!! Eniwei, I watched it just because of my yummy-hottie, Shia Labeouf..... Even for Shia, this movie a totally not good to watch...

Eagle Eye

Story is totally dull dan maksa banget... Apalagi karakter Michelle Monaghan juga berkesan di-ada-ada-in aja... (karena film action mana seru kalo gak ada cewek cantik-helpessly need help-and later fuck the tough guy...hehehe) Padahal gw juga suka Michelle Monagahan (She played in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' and the lastest 'Made by Honor'). Gw tau, film action memang banyak ke-tidak masuk akal-an tapi in the end, film action-thriller yang bagus pasti akan meramu gimana yang gak masuk akal itu jadinya terlihat masuk akal... Asli gw kecewa, sampe ada Shia Labeouf pun gak nolong....hehehe..

Sedikit spoiler, film ini mengisahkan tentang komputer SUPER CANGGIH dan SUPER PINTER BANGET (sampe yang buat terlihat goblok) bernama Aria, milik Departemen Pertahanan US yang losing control sampai pada akhirnya berusaha mengontrol goverment-nya sendiri. (See...even from the'll yell WTF????!!!!) Selebihnya karakter Jerry Shaw (Labeouf) dan Rachel Holloman (Monaghan) dua orang ini adalah civilian hanya sebagai tempelan aja, mau diganti jadi karakter apapun kagak bakalan ngaruh ke dalam ceritanya juga... Dan bisa ditebak sepanjang cerita, isinya kejar-kejaran ditambah sama special effects ala Hollywood yang canggih...that's it. Shia Labeouf kayaknya juga hanya sebagai strategi market supaya viewers tertarik nonton ('cause he's totally big hit after Disturbia and Transformer) dan directornya adalah D.J Caruso (Disturbia, Taking Lives).
The point is, I totally didn't recommended you to watch.... give half star from 5.

Btw, here's my another next-to-watch-list..

Pride and gloryNick and Norah

Both movies released in October, I don't know the exact date for Indonesia...
'Pride and Glory' starred by Edward Norton and Collin Ferrel, Directed by Gavin O. Connor. Worth to wait, Edward Norton's film so far, never disappointed me (except The Incredible Hulk)
'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist' starred by Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno) and Kate Dennings (Charlie Bartlett) Hopefully it's another nice, funny yet romantic film, I love Michael Cera since saw him on Superbad. Got 72% on tomato-meter on

Okay...I guess, enough blabbing...
I'll see soon.... Toddleloo.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Short Note

Hei, i'm on Summarecon Mall Serpong..Just finished watching 'Body of Lies' Leo looks awesome as always with good acting as always..Hehe.. Btw, there's a lot of people, who's going to see 'Laskar Pelangi' (u rocks! Mr. Hirata) I've seen yet, actually.. My brother said is great and my best buddy said it's good because of its simplicity.. My batere is getting low, i'll post as soon as i got home.. au revoir.

Noon Sighting

Hello..How is ur almost-weekend day so far? At this very moment, i'm on the way to nearest XXI from my home.. Planning to watch 'Body of Lies' (yipee..can't wait!) with my mom. Alrite, I'll catch up with u later with the review. see u.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Trouble Sleeping

Still couldn't sleep, it's already 3 AM, flat-thoughts.. Just listening to my Mp3, repeated since like...forever (lebai..Hehe..) also browsing on dunia maya unstoppable..Hehe.. Do blogwalking is a fun thing to do, u could reveal 'true self' of a person based on their writings, scooping into their life.. Because sneaking into someone's private life always be a guilty pleasure.. That's why gossip shows never loss their audience.

Eniwei, wait.. I'm just at a blank moment..Hehe.. Ok, back to reality.. I'm planning to watch 'Body of Lies' as soon as the film hit our theater, DiCaprio always been on never-miss-to-watch list since i watched him on highest grossing movie 'Titanic'. And i also taken part on Leomania-fever..Hehe..


I remember collecting Titanic-card worth Rp. 2000 (kl gk salah), that i bought every time school ends di abang2 depan sekolah! I was still on 4th grade that time..What a coolest day that moment!

Ok, enough blabbering about Leonardo, 'Body of Lies' is directed by Ridley Scott, an academy-nominee director (Black Hawk Down & Gladiator) is must be a great film.. Rusell Crowe also starring this film. Ok, i guess enough blabbering, i need to pee..Hehe.. I'll see u soon on my next so-called-review.. Gud morning. Au revoir.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Doing Nothing

Guess what? I couldn't sleep, gak tau mau ngapain..DVD udh pada abis ditonton..I'm unlucky this time, Dvd yg gw beli pada gk oke..Hehe.. I guess, i'll see u later,then..Enough buggin' u with my un-important thoughts..

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Forgotten - the movie that you MUST forget

The Forgotten DVD

Alrite, gw br aj tertipu..
Or maybe i just too stupid for didn't see any trailer, reviews or even spoiler about this movie..So,first time i bought this film, i thought it's gonna be a such great thriller, even this film got a thriller-catchy tagline.."everything you've experienced, everything you've known, never happened" (sounds promising,huh?) but guess what?! Sodara-sodara..This film end up nya adalah film tentang Alien..YES! A fucking ALIEN!

Well, i don't meant to be racist (well,IF an alien is a race, i'll be a hardcore racist, even UN could press charge on me..Hehe..) Ya Olloh! Entah knapa dr dulu gw gak pernah menganggap Alien merupakan mahluk yg interesting buat hidup berdampingan sama manusia..Masih mending idup berdampingan sama kuntilanak, pocong, jelangkung or other hideous creatures..U named it! Gw rasa Americans emang punya special feeling sama Alien..Even Spielberg got a thing for them..Hehe..Okey, back to our main topics, at the beginning,film ini menawarkan pace dan twisting mystery layaknya film thriller, yah..Tipe2 film Enemy of The States,gt,deh.. Gw udah seneng aja,tuh.. Eh,ternyata..It's all about alien, the great bad guy is a freaking alien! Aku tertipu! Sial..Well, mungkin aslinya tu film bagus kale,ye..Maybe it's just me, i've never like any alien stuff in first place..
Aniwei, this film recommended for alien lovers..

Adios..Arriverdaci.. I'm still pissed off....

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Here I Come..

Hei..Hei..How is it going on 2nd day of Idul Fitri? Actually, i dont have something to talk about..Hehe..Just got nothing to do with anything.. Btw, after finishing my final college project, i'm so much ready to getting a job and to entering the realm of life..Huehehe..So, here I come, darling..