Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grocery List (Bel far Niente part 1)

Hellowwww, people!!!!!!!!!

So here I am again, yes, that’s right.. A very same person who loves Johnny Depp too much…huehehehe….

Guess what? TA gw yang Laporan Magang sudah disahkan dan dikumpulkan tanggal 2 Juli kemaren….Yipeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Soo..sebagai bentuk gratefulness yang didukung dengan semangat perjuangan kemerdekaan Indonesia, gw memutuskan untuk memborong DVD layaknya wanita-wanita pecinta sepatu Vincci (did I spell it right?) di kala musim sale.

GOD!!! I just loved it! Shopping for DVDs is basically like a religious act for me..hehehe… And personally, watching DVDs is just like what the nuns did in convent.. (okey, memang agak lebai..)

So here’s some of my grocery list:

  1. Death Note 3.5 - L Change The World (no specific reason, I’m just so in love in L character’s weirdness, and by the way, the title is kinda corny, don’t you think?)

  2. The Mist (not-that-Shocking-movie-endings-ever)

  3. Awake (not bad twist-thriller, even though Hayden Christensen’s act is still so-so. Recommended for senang-senang aja)

  4. Les Chansons D’Amour aka Love Songs (ternyata gay movie…arghhhh!!! A total turn off, but no offence to gay people…hehe)

  5. Definitely, Maybe (finally I found again a romantic comedy with quality. Recommended.)

  6. Chaos Theory (gara-gara nonton Definitely, Maybe gw jadi lil’ bit addict with Ryan Reynolds..biasa, wanita suka terbawa suasana…huehehe. Good message though, pretty insipiring)

  7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (a very same reason, layaknya Johnny Depp, I also got a thing for Robert Downey Jr. hehehe…..A film with wit conversation, just the way I like it)

  8. Charlie Bartlett (mmm, not too bad…but the character of Principal Gradner in my opinion is quite resembles with alcholics-moment-real life of Robert Downey Jr.)

  9. Taking Lives (a very good twist of thriller, and of course, Angelina is always worth watching…Recommended.)

  10. Cruel Intentions (kalo yang ini sih, gw sekedar bernostalgila sama masa-masa SMP, dimana dulu katanya sex scene-nya is pretty hot.. But right now, it turns out biasa aja..biasalah namanya juga anak SMP…sok tua, dah…hehehe)

  11. My Sassy Girl (melodramatic Korean romance…Recommended tough)

  12. Nancy Drew (boring..boring..boring..boring)

  13. Vantage Point (actually, I’ve already watched it in theater, but Mamah-ku insisted me to bought it. Ordinary plot with creative execution. Recommended.)

  14. City of Men (miriplah dengan City of God, same creator, tapi dari segi cerita, masih lebih bagus City of God)

  15. Cleaner (for me, this movie offers a fresh theme, mengisahkan tentang seorang pembersih crime-scene, tapi sangat disayangkan plotnya biasa banget. Starred by Samuel L. Jackson)

That’s the list of my conquest in 3 days…hehe… Karena pada dasarnya I’m not in actual holiday, TA yang Maha-Penting is on my waiting list. Remember, guys I got 2 TA to finish.

Jadinya gw puas-puasin nonton DVD sampe bolor dalam jangka waktu yang sempit ini. So, here’s what I did to get a total-quality-time in terms of watching DVDs (now I sound like a total freak…),

  • First thing first, turn off your cell phone, because this amazing telecommunication invention is always been on my list of causes of disturbance.

  • Secondly, if you don’t have maid like me, just unplug your house phone. Based on my research (halah..) Mostly people who is calling to your house, is NOT looking for you. Your friends will directly called to your cell phone (which is also already turn-off by now).

  • Lastly, be a selfish-bitch, take a deep breath, lying on your comfy couch or big-fluffy pillow, sipping a glass of iced vanilla latte and then, press play-button on your DVD player.

Mmmmm... What a nice smells of heavenly freedom and enjoy approximately 100 minutes of pleasure………..YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH…!!!!

See, I’ve told watching DVDs is like my religious act. Hehehe..

That’s also a piece of Bel far Niente….

Arrivederci. See u soon.