Monday, May 14, 2007

Boringness Disease

Hai..hai...a VERY LONG TIME NO SEE...knapa gw udah jrang banget nulis blog lagi... (sharing my stupidity, silliness, and whatever..)u know totally simple cause:my parents disconnected my house internet line...!!! and with a very common reason (according to 50% people i know)simple: is all about the Bill (not Bill Clinton or Billy Joel..hehehe) my internet bill increasing as fast as harga minyak goreng...huehehe..and my parents made a VERY CLEVER decision to stop paying the bill.. (yeah..good).

ok.the bottom line is. gw lebih sering bokek sehingga jarang ke warnet so it makes myself so damn RARELY to write a blog or get connected with virtual world (so now i'm more intouch with reality, which is reality isn't as good as virtuality..hehehe)
eniwei, ternyata gw kangen juga mo nulis blog. so, now my topic is boringness. gw baru menyadari bahwa boringness adalah penyakit (pembunuh) paling berbahaya bagi human being.bohong banget kalo cancer or heart attack even AIDS adalah penyakit predator paling berbahaya.i mean if you suffer from boringness disease u will easily to die. yaa..maybe gak secara physically but ur soul is died....huuuu...horrible

even if you aren't having any of sickness, but yourself being attacked by're easily get die faster than any other people wholived with cancer or AIDS....

boringness symptons: halusinasi berlebihan, khayalan berbahaya bahkan kegilaan (it could be permanent, if you don't stop being attacked by boringness)

wanna know a current example: i've talk to my cat a few hours ago (before i go to this warnet) just like i talk to human. yeah, maybe untuk para penggila kucingitu hal yang biasa, kyak nyokap gw aja (she isn't just talk but also treat her like i have a new baby sister). even though i really like my cat but i don't talk to her a lot.but a couple hours ago i did. (KEGILAAN)

causes: BORINGNESS, because today is my day off but i don't know what am i supposed to do at home. ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!i've already bought tons of dvds, but i really don't have any sensation to wacthing it (instead of buying it). no appetite at all. none. nada.

i hate being alone at home without any plan.karena si Monsieur "B" ini, pasti datang menghadang gw terus, it's been my permanent sickness since a LONG-LONG-TIME-AGO.yang paling gw takutin di dunia ini (except GOD, serangga dan mamah-ku...) adalah mati bosen.....+cross finger+ jangan sampe....if u die with boringness you'll feel empty. no passion. no desire. feels like you just had a Dementor's Kiss. totally horror...

so people, you've already know the symptons and causes.prepared yourself to prevent it..
HOW??? good question.
well, my truly big tips is GET-IN-LOVE as much as you can. yaah...setau gue kalo lagi IN-LOVE, you'll never get bored. whenever you are.
yeah, i know it sounds cheesy, but have u notice when you're IN-LOVE (with your classmate, your teacher, your friend, your job and even with your DVD collection or yourself hehe..)you always feel passionate, desireable, sensational and u named it whatever it is...which is those feelings are boringness kryptonite (trust me).

Soooo..... GET-IN-LOVE everybody.....

alrite.see u.