Thursday, June 02, 2011


Yuhuuuu.... *usap-usap debu
It's been a very very long I didn't touch you, my dear blog......huhu...
Kemaren sempet mellow yellow jadinya ada ide buat nulis lagi...wakakak... Nulis kalo butuh doang, yak..hihi..

How's life, peps? Wishing you all got the most fun life so far... What about mine? Kerjaan sempet agak-agak bitchy beberapa minggu lalu... Bah, I hate when people or job or anything were effected my mood. You know, those negative auras from people/job that could invaded my happy joy-joy mood. Pokoknya sebeeelllll..aku tak sukaaaaaaaa.... Karena pada dasarnya saya sukanya seneng-seneng, jarang deh yang bikin gue sebel, kalopun lagi sebel terus abis itu makan enak sama pacar-pacarku..ilang, deh sebelnya...hehe.. Pokoknya I'm easy to pleased lah...

Kemaren sempet baca-baca blog-nya Upi (itu, lho director-nya Realita Cinta dan Rock n Roll sama 30 Hari Mencari Cinta) Bagus, lho tulisannya...recommended read... Disitu dia banyak cerita soal anaknya yang lucu..hihi.. Ada beberapa tulisan yang menyentuh..Nah, gara-gara baca itu tiba-tiba gue jadi mellow dan kangen banget sama pacar-pacarku...huhu.. Gue juga kagak tau, ya dimana korelasinya antara cerita soal Ibu sama anaknya bisa jadi nyambung kangennya gue sama sahabat-sahabat gue..wakakakakakak... Padahal hubungan kita gak kayak Ibu dan anak, lho... Malah cenderung nyebelin..wakakakak...

Dalam rangka menyambut hari libur, jadilah kemaren kita kongkow, walaupun formasi gak lengkap, sih tapi yasutralah, ya.... Somehow, niat cihuy kita berjalan mulus ditandai dengan Jalan Thamrin yang kagak macet sampe ke Bunderan HI nya pun kosong...cadasssssss.... Ini pertanda dari yang Ilahi (halah...) Kegiatan kita sih standar layaknya tante-tante yang banci tampil..wakakakak.. Nggak, deng...biasalah kita ngerumpi, makan, sama ngopi (khusus buat gue doang, tuh.. soalnya temen aku ada yang takut kalo ngopi nanti kebelet pup..ckckck...) Sebenernya kegiatan ini sih rutin kita lakuin tiap jumat, pokoknya after work friday night..yah gitu-gitu aja juga sebenernya makan dan ngerumpi. Herannya gak bosen-bosen paling cuma ganti tempat aja...hehe...

I must say, I'm one of the luckiest person to have bestfriends (see that 's' I got not only One bestfriend ^_^) Karena pada dasarnya gue nyebelin jadi sebenernya susah-susah gampang temenan sama gue...haha...Nah, kebetulan pacar-pacar gue ini emang nyebelin semua jadinya lah klop...huakakakakakak... Hubungan gue dengan mereka adalah relationship paling panjang dan lama setelah hubungan gue sama emak gue kali, ya.. kalo diitung-itung bisa hampir setengah dari hidup gue. Kita ketemu pertama kali (sedapppp...kayak pilem-pilem romance, yak..) di satu sekolah di kompleks rumah kita waktu jaman-jaman TK. See, udah lama bener.kan...Yaaa, gak selalu mulus full of love dan penuh cinta kasih, sih pertemanan kita..hehe.. Sempet ada momen berantem hebat, anehnya abis baikan terus nyante aja kayak di pantai serasa gak abis berantem... heran..jangan-jangan hubungan kita emang sadomasokis...wakakakakak...

And when we grow older, our bond seems tighter even though we met a lot of new (and interesting) people in our lives, new boyfriends, new employers, new colleques... For me personally, those people just come and go in my life (though, a very few of them stayed and became one of my closest person too) My girlfriends influenced me to become the who I am now, their friendship makes me believe, that I'll always have a nice group-hug after my bitchy day or just a simple pat on my back that'll always say "you can do it, girl".

Huuu..jangan pengen mewekkkkkk..... (pengaruh datang bulan kayaknya *usap air mata) I'll always love you, girls.... kalian adalah orang-orang nyebelin favorit akuuuuuuu.....always, babyyyyy.......(lebai, ye)

Udah, ah gitu aja.... Have a nice day wherever you are.....


Monday, November 01, 2010

Self-help Blabber

This morning on my way to the office, a guy who sat across me opened up a book called "The Achiever", I didn't notice who the writer is, but I do notice is a self-help book (judging on those tagline "20 ways to achieve your goals" or something like that)

It got me thinking, I never really fond to these so-called self-help books. With amazing marketing strategy these books always come up with tasty title and tagline. And with large variety of genres e.g : money, relationship, diet, personality, you name it! They got it all! Long long time ago, I read this typical of books -- If I'm not mistaken I read the "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" series. Trust me, this books is annoying...hehe.... Or maybe it's just matter of preference, I've always feel annoyed every time the self-books tried to solve your problem by their to-do list method. But maybe some of people find this method is helpful. When I was on state of confusion and need a little direction, my proven self-help method are scribbling on my journal, watching DVD, reading books, chatting with my girls or praying -- praying for me is the highest level of my method...hehe...

Let's move on to a lighter blabber, I've finally decided to get myself a driving license next week!! Yihaaa!!! I must say my driving skill is on semi-intermediate level with A/T transmission...wakakakakak... I'm so proud..hihi.. -- maybe a little too proud. Driving for me is like another life achievement..hehe... I've never driving anything with real engine...hehe.. So, please don't count that I could ride a bicycle...haha... Even with a bicycle, I've never been such a good driver. Crashed on bushes or little smash on tree is very usual on my bicycle activity. Hopefully, I could rockin' on this car driving....amen.

Alright then, have a good day wherever you are.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yeee..haaa.. Long time this blog became untouched! I pretty busy with my working stuff and other life's business -- yeah, I just wanna look little pretentious..hahaha... So, how's life? I'm really being hopeful that's your daily life is suite you just fine. Anyway I found this inspiring quote by Bob Marley, it's pretty much interpret in what most people heart and mind. -- I'll give it to you after my blabber...haha..

Long story short, these couple days I short of missed on what's truly going on in the world around me. I just don't feel engaged. I worked, I finished it, I poured my blood and tears into it (yeah, I'm really aggravated it...wakakakakak...) then I went home, feel asleep and feel nothing about it. Numbness, just like a damn robot. It's psychotic really.... And what's pretty shocked me that I'm on a point where I don't want anything, simply don't want anything (in career or possession). Sometimes I just forced myself to bought a stuff that I don't really need or pretend to cheer up on successful work project. The cruelest part of me is simply just don't give a shit of anything all around me (and myself).

All those feelings accumulated to longing my childhood memories. Especially my Elementary and Junior High School moment. I'm so much missed it so much longing it so-fuckin'-much! The moment I met all my girls, who's right now become my sister of soul (well, I guess they're more than that, they're sort of like my boyfriend without sexual tension...hahahaha) the first-stupid boy crush, cheated on exam, being grounded, being a bitch (well, I guess I always had bitchy tendency, It's in the blood, baby...hehe ^_^) You name it, all those curiosities and first-time experience always been a perfect drugs of choice for my adrenaline and my endorphin. Feel so God damn nice and intoxicating.

Hopefully soon enough my numbness will be gone. As I wrote earlier I'll give you those Marley's quote...enjoy, peeps!

"Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because they love you for who you are.

The things that seem insignificant to most people such as a note, song or walk become invaluable treasures kept safe in your heart to cherish forever. Memories of your childhood come back and are so clear and vivid it’s like being young again. Colours seem brighter and more brilliant. Laughter seems part of daily life where before it was infrequent or didn’t exist at all. A phone call or two during the day helps to get you through a long day’s work and always brings a smile to your face. In their presence, there’s no need for continuous conversation, but you find you’re quite content in just having them nearby. Things that never interested you before become fascinating because you know they are important to this person who is so special to you.

You think of this person on every occasion and in everything you do. Simple things bring them to mind like a pale blue sky, gentle wind or even a storm cloud on the horizon. You open your heart knowing that there’s a chance it may be broken one day and in opening your heart, you experience a love and joy that you never dreamed possible. You find that being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure that’s so real it scares you. You find strength in knowing you have a true friend and possibly a soul mate who will remain loyal to the end. Life seems completely different, exciting and worthwhile. Your only hope and security is in knowing that they are a part of your life."
-Bob Marley

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yellow Ribbon

Hello, there....

Just FYI, I always like sort of Nicholas Spark-ish love story. So I found this "Yellow Ribbon" post due my excessive amount of internet browsing during my lazy working hours...huehehehe... And I'd love to share it to you.

Pada tahun 1971 surat kabar New York Post menulis kisah nyata tentang seorang pria yang hidup di sebuah kota kecil di White Oak, Georgia, Amerika. Pria ini menikahi seorang wanita yang cantik dan baik, sayangnya dia tidak pernah menghargai istrinya. Dia tidak menjadi seorang suami dan ayah yang baik. Dia sering pulang malam-malam dalam keadaan mabuk, lalu memukuli anak dan isterinya.

Satu malam dia memutuskan untuk mengadu nasib ke kota besar, New York. Dia mencuri uang tabungan isterinya, lalu naik bis menuju ke utara, ke kota besar, ke kehidupan yang baru. Bersama-sama beberapa temannya dia memulai bisnis baru. Untuk beberapa saat dia menikmati hidupnya. Sex, gambling, drug. Dia menikmati semuanya.

Bulan berlalu. Tahun berlalu. Bisnisnya gagal, dan ia mulai kekurangan uang. Lalu dia mulai terlibat dalam perbuatan kriminal. Ia menulis cek palsu dan menggunakannya untuk menipu uang orang. Akhirnya pada suatu saat naas, dia tertangkap. Polisi menjebloskannya ke dalam penjara, dan pengadilan menghukumnya tiga tahun penjara.

Menjelang akhir masa penjaranya, dia mulai merindukan rumahnya. Dia merindukan istrinya. Dia rindu keluarganya. Akhirnya dia memutuskan untuk menulis surat kepada istrinya, untuk menceritakan betapa menyesalnya dia. Bahwa dia masih mencintai isteri dan anak-anaknya.

Dia berharap dia masih boleh kembali. Namun dia juga mengerti bahwa mungkin sekarang sudah terlambat, oleh karena itu ia mengakhiri suratnya dengan menulis, "Sayang, engkau tidak perlu menunggu aku. Namun jika engkau masih ada perasaan padaku, maukah kau nyatakan? Jika kau masih mau aku kembali padamu, ikatkanlah sehelai pita kuning bagiku, pada satu-satunya pohon beringin yang berada di pusat kota. Apabila aku lewat dan tidak menemukan sehelai pita kuning, tidak apa-apa. Aku akan tahu dan mengerti. Aku tidak akan turun dari bis, dan akan terus menuju Miami. Dan aku berjanji aku tidak akan pernah lagi menganggu engkau dan anak-anak seumur hidupku."

Akhirnya hari pelepasannya tiba. Dia sangat gelisah. Dia tidak menerima surat balasan dari isterinya. Dia tidak tahu apakah isterinya menerima suratnya atau sekalipun dia membaca suratnya, apakah dia mau mengampuninya? Dia naik bis menuju Miami, Florida, yang melewati kampung halamannya, White Oak. Dia sangat sangat gugup. Seisi bis mendengar ceritanya, dan mereka meminta kepada sopir bus itu, "Tolong, pas lewat White Oak, jalan pelan-pelan...kita mesti lihat apa yang akan terjadi..."

Hatinya berdebar-debar saat bis mendekati pusat kota White Oak. Dia tidak berani mengangkat kepalanya. Keringat dingin mengucur deras.
Akhirnya dia melihat pohon itu. Air mata menetes dari matanya...
Dia tidak melihat sehelai pita kuning...
Tidak ada sehelai pita kuning....
Tidak ada sehelai..... .
Melainkan ada seratus helai pita-pita kuning....bergantungan di pohon beringin itu...Ooh... seluruh pohon itu dipenuhi pita kuning...!!!


Yellow ribbon di Amerika adalah lambang ,apabila seorang istri sedang menunggu seseorang yang disayanginya untuk pulang terutama dari medan perang. Kisah ini juga menjadi sangat terkenal di Amerika seperti sudah menjadi legenda sehingga sampai ada lagunya "tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree".

(re-blog from papilukas)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weird Love

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love"

via so I Found

Let's find our compatible weird!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm an Eagle!

I found an interesting post from one of my dearest friend, Resti. Sorta inspired myself to wrote the exact same post...hehe...

I took a lot of those online personality quizzes, astrology test, birth date named it! I do enjoy it, I love it. That's one my favorite online activity. This Mayan Day Sign summarized it all! Every test I took, it always mentioned something about being free and independent.

I always thought, I'm lil' bit anti-social. But it wasn't, I'm literally an Eagle, beibeh!! Haha.. It sounds so awesome! But in real life, not that awesome :(

Based on my Mayan Sign, It says that I have an escapist side, I think most of people also have this side too. But maybe for me, it's just my personality. I always said to my best friend, that's sometimes I don't really like people. They're nosy. They're often "too curious" about somebody else's life, especially women. They're pretty challenging to be avoided. Not to mention those "emak-emak rumpi" who's contastly asked about my relationship status -- so typical.

When I was in high school, I kept persuaded myself to get excited with those prom thingie, pensi and chasing cute boys (don't get me wrong, I really loooove cute guys, but I'd rather talk to them than stalk them) but I always ended up watching DVDs and played PlayStation at home. Those things always make myself excited!

The older I get, the more challenging the things. At work, I don't feel myself as a competitive person. I don't see it why I should be in the top management or something like that..hehe.. People maybe see this as weird concept of career or just simply calling myself lazy. For me, as long as I'm enjoying what I am doing, I'll stick with it. And when I stop feel an enjoyment, I'll stop and starting to explore a new thing.

I do love concept of freedom, this is your life. The best way to live your life is by set your own rules and go with it. People are allowed to express their concerns, suggestions, disagreements and even supports. But it's wisely if you're still the one who's steer the wheel. Yeah, freedom could be abused, but I always tried to use my freedom with the most less damage. Maybe, because I love freedom so much, that's the reason why I've never been such a good planner. Every time I wrote a to-do list, I always feel a compulsion to randomly started the the list from the middle or even from the latest list. That's my bad habit, I guess.... :)

But what I irritated the most it's the constant "against the rules" label on my forehead. I've never against the rules, I lived my rules carefully. I just don't feel it to follow the rules if it isn't necessary. Such as get married before the age of 25, tendency to be act/called "boyish" just because I love short hair and wore pants rather than skirt, being called "girlie" because pink is my favorite color, being less-intellect because I like chick-lit rather than those "awesome" marketing books, called less-religious because it's so rare to me took 5x of prays. Thank you very much, for seeing myself as those common social label. Really, peeps, you're all should stop! Because you're gonna missed to see people as a "person" and who are you to judge?

It seems on real life, Eagle could flying and soaring freely, huh? But, I'm still the Eagle!! Just catch me if you can.... :)

Driving Lesson

Helloooo, world!!! What's up?! How's life? Is there anything I missed during my world wide web hibernation?

Anyway, kerjaan saya lagi cukup gokil apalagi pas menjelang liburan lebaran kemaren... Tiba-tiba aja ada undangan pitching sama kerjaan dengan deadline yang cukup sinting. Jadinya tiap kali mau posting bawaannya tidak bergairah, terlalu muak karena seharian udah menyentuh internet di kantor (sedaaapp.... +sotoy+)

Tapi semua terbayar dengan libur panjang lebaran!! Ihiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyy.... I love holiday! Who's not? By the way, Met Idul Fitri, yah....

Jadi ceritanya, gue berencana mengisi waktu liburan ini dengan kegiatan yang berguna bagi masa depan gue...wekekekek... Kebetulan mamah baru aja beli mobil baru (sayangnya bukan buat gue :( meehhhhhh....) Mobil baru emak gue ini punya transmisi otomatis. So, I decided to learn how to drive!!! Menurut gue, menyetir mobil adalah salah satu life skill yang harus dikuasai selain berenang. Yaahhh...just in case, ada alien yang menginvasi bumi gue bisa nyetir sambil menghindari serangan laser mereka (kagak nyambung...wakakakakak...)

Semua orang selalu bilang, kalo belajar nyetir pake mobil automatic gak bakal sejago sama yang belajar make mobil manual. Tapi, ya... Gue orangnya pengennya yang praktis-praktis aja. Mobil yang ada cuma automatic ngapain juga harus belajar yang manual...masa' harus sampe minjem mobil orang lain segala...hehe

Tapiiii...yeee.. Walau katanya gampang, I'm suck at driving!! Gue agak-agak bodoh dalam menyetir, gue tipe driver yang careless dan tipe student yang logika nya kagak jalan-jalan..wakakakakakakak..... jadi teringat ketika gue belajar matematik soal pertidaksamaan dan persamaan....hehe.

Persoalan yang belom gue kuasai adalah dalam hal belok membelok, apalagi u-turn! Kerjaannya gue berenti melulu aja ditengah-tengah belokan..wakakakak... Ketololan gue yang paling mantap adalah honestly, awalnya gue gak ngerti arti istilah "bales" dalam setir-menyetir...hahahahahaha...dari dulu gue selalu bertanya-tanya apaan artinya "bales". Jadi, pas nyokap ngajarin gue untuk u-turn setelah gue mengarahkan setir gue untuk belok kearah kanan nyokap teriak "bales, kak!!" Gue diem aja dalam posisi mobil setengah belok kearah kanan, dalam hati gue mikir "apaan yang harus dibales, ngirim surat aja kagak" wakakakakakakakak....

Kata emak, nilai gue dari 3 hari driving lesson bareng dia masih C. Huh... Tapi gue sangat berambisi buat bisa!!!!! Mantabs!!!

Alright, nanti saya update perkembangan belajar menyetir gue... See you on the next post.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Pada dasarnya plot cerita dalam Inception sangatlah sederhana. Film Sci-fi Thriller ini berkisah tentang dunia mimpi (alam bawah sadar) dan profesi pencuri ide melalui mimpi. Dalam universe Inception, pekerjaan mencuri ide melalui mimpi merupakan hal yang "wajar" bahkan dapat menjadi sebuah profesi dengan bayaran yang mahal. Siapa yang tidak tertarik untuk memasuki alam bawah sadar seseorang dan "mencuri' ide atau rahasia terdalam dari seseorang. Bisa kebayang, kan kalo bisa masuk alam mimpi Steve Jobs dan ngebuat perusahaan saingan...wakakakak...

Walaupun terkesan sederhana, pencurian ide dalam mimpi seseorang tidaklah semudah nyolong permen di warung. Pikiran dan alam bawah sadar manusia merupakan tempat yang sangat kompleks. Di film inilah ditunjukkan betapa hebatnya alam bawah sadar manusia dengan segala kenangan, rahasia terdalam, harapan, prasangka, penyesalan. Oleh sebab itu dibutuhkan sebuah "tim pencuri mimpi" yang handal. Tim ini biasanya tediri dari The Extractor (bertugas sebagai pencuri ide dalam mimpi), The Point Man (bertugas untuk mengumpul semua data mengenai target yang dituju, hal ini sangat penting untuk mengetahui karateristik mimpi yang akan dituju) dan The Architect (bertugas membuat dunia dalam mimpi)

Pada opening scene, diperlihatkan Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) seorang Extrator handal dan juga seorang buron yang berusaha mencuri informasi rahasia dari seorang pengusaha powerful bernama Saito (Ken Watanabe) yang dapat membebaskan dirinya dari segala tuduhan sehingga dia dapat pulang menemui anak-anaknya.

Bersama timnya yang terdiri dari si Point Man, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) dan si arsitek mimpi, Nash (Lukas Haas) Dom dapat membuat dunia mimpi dalam mimpi, bingung, kan? hahaha... Well, intinya ketika tidur kita semakin nyenyak, pikiran alam bawah sadar kita pun semakin kuat sehingga mimpi kita pun semakin dalam. Ibaratnya kayak level mimpi gitu, deh. Semakin dalam sebuah mimpi, semakin me-reveal pikiran kita sesungguhnya.

Usaha ini gagal, dikarenakan Saito menyadari bahwa semuanya hanyalah mimpi pada level kedua mimpinya. Walaupun pada akhirnya Dom gagal mencuri informasi tersebut. Saito akhirnya menyewa Dom beserta timnya untuk melakukan sebuah tugas yang sangat sulit yaitu melakukan "Inception" atau menanamkan ide kepada seseorang melalui mimpi. Targetnya adalah Robert Fischer Jr. (Cillian Murphy) yang merupakan penerus sebuah perusahan besar yang merupakan saingan Saito. Awalnya Arthur menentang ide ini dikarenakan menanamkan ide dalam benak seseorang sangatlah sulit dan rumit. Karena jika melakukan kesalahan sedikit, hal ini dapat berimbas kepada personality orang tersebut. Dan hal ini semakin dipersulit karena alam bawah sadar Dom yang dihantui oleh kenangan terhadap Mal (Marion Cotillard) istrinya yang telah meninggal.

Dom akhirnya menerima tawaran ini, karena Saito dapat menjamin kebebasannya agar dapat bertemu kembali dengan anak-anaknya. Untuk melaksanakan tugas sulit ini Dom membentuk tim baru, dia meng-hire Eames (Tom Hardy) sebagai The Forger yang bisa menjelma menjadi orang terdekat seseorang dalam sebuah mimpi, Ariadne (Ellen Page) sebagai arsitek mimpi yang baru dan Yusuf (Dileep Rao) sebagai ahli kimia yang dapat menciptakan zat sedatif yang sangat kuat dikarenakan untuk melakukan "Inception" harus dibutuhkan tidur yang panjang sehingga dapat mencapai level ke 3 dalam mimpi seseorang.

Aturan dalam dunia mimpi sebenarnya sangat simpel, waktu di dunia mimpi akan terasa lebih lama dibandingkan dengan waktu alam sadar kita dan apabila seseorang mati di dalam mimpi, otomatis dia akan langsung terbangun. Akan tetapi, obat sedatif yang terlalu kuat seperti yang digunakan dalam melakukan "Inception" dapat membuat kita terjatuh ke dalam level "Limbo" yaitu sebuah keadaan dimana diri kita terjebak di alam mimpi untuk waktu yang sangat lama bahkan terasa sampai berabad-abad. So, the team should be watch out for that.

Will Dom and his team succeeded? Well, I guess you have to watch by yourself because I hate spoiler so much! Sepertinya gue bilang dalam postingan sebelumnya kalau Nolan selalu memasukan banyak twist dalam filmnya. So, I hate to spare too many details here.

My verdict is, this movie is amazing! INGENIOUS! Terlepas dari kualitas akting para aktornya yang gak perlu diragukan lagi. Ide cerita film ini sangat one of a kind. Sepertinya Nolan memang suka bermain dalam kompleksitas pikiran dan memori manusia yang dapat mempengaruhi emosi seseorang. Look what Nolan did in Memento, Insomnia and The Prestige (I totally recommended those films, guys) Bahkan dalam The Dark Knight pun, The Joker sukses mengobrak-abrik emosi Batman dengan seluruh kegilaannya. And I definitely love the ending, sangat khas Nolan. The ending that'll make you discuss it over and over with other movie junkie.

Nolan sendiri menghabiskan waktu hampir 10 tahun dalam men-develop cerita ini dan melakukan banyak riset mengenai mimpi dan alam bawah sadar manusia. Inception berhasil menunjukan betapa kompleksnya pikiran seseorang dengan begitu banyak layer serta kedalaman yang harus ditempuh untuk dapat mempengaruhi (memanipulasi) pikiran seseorang. Semakin dalam pikiran seseorang semakin sulit untuk dipengaruhi.

I guess, Inception will be my best summer movie this year. I love the great feeling that I had when I watched it.

Nailed It Again!!!!

Heiho... Lama gak posting, nih karena.......... keasikan maenan Tumblr...wakakakakak... Dan belum ada mood untuk nulis hal yang menarik. Bisa dibilang life-flow gue agak smooth. terlalu smooth malah, hampir menjurus ke arah boring...hahaha... So, I waited and keep on waiting (sampe bego) menunggu hal menarik yang menggugah hasrat gue (sedaaaappp...) Karena pada dasarnya dalam hidup, gue hanya tertarik sama 2 hal epic (halah) yaitu makan dan nonton (atau bisalah di-subtitute dengan membaca buku-buku fantasy ciamik dan chick-lit) So, I spent the last couple months to figure out what's cool about those things that I could share here.

Akhirnya semalem Tuhan mengabulkan doa gue (sholat aja gak pernah, ciiinnnn....wakakakakak) The most anticipated film this year has been release!! Tanggal 16 kemaren akhirnya INCEPTION officially released!!!!! Setelah nari-nari India keliling Monas, gue memutuskan untuk segera nonton. Seperti layaknya film-film summer pastinya tiket cepet banget sold-out apalagi pas malam minggu. So, gue memutuskan nonton pas hari sabtu aja. So, there I was last night, on my seat with large popcorn and coke. My body's shivered (lebaiiiiii...) Tapi asli, ketika menunggu opening title, gue udah deg-degan, I was super excited. Reaksi yang sama terjadi ketika gue menonton James Cameron's AVATAR (yeah, I know I am that insane)

Sebelum masuk ke review film ini, orang bertanya-tanya kenapa gue terlalu excited sama film ini, first thing first, It's Leonardo DiCaprio's film, darling! Yaaah, banyak orang bilang gue ngefans banget sama Leo gara-gara dia good looking doang. well, for the first time it was. In Titanic, he definitely stole my heart. Tapiiiiii.....he turned into a very great actor indeed and he always make a good selection of film that he'll be starred. Tell me, mana pernah Leo maen film jelek (yah, kecuali The Man In The Iron Mask, sih...but he's young dan masih dalam Titanic euforia, so it's forgiveable)

Kedua, the ensemble cast, there are Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Marion Cottilard, Cillian Murphy, Micheal Caine. Do I have to say more about this, those people are my favorite actor!

Ketiga, the director, Christopher Nolan! He's always make amazing film with a great twist. Gue selalu suka dengan film yang memiliki twist yang bagus, apalagi yang menipu. Gue akan langsung jatuh cinta dengan cerita sepeti itu. Film-film Nolan hampir selalu memiliki twist seperti itu. Baik dari segi cerita maupun dari POV style-nya. Look what he did in Memento, Insomnia and The Prestige, it was Amazing! You couldn't miss any detail while watched his film. Bahkan ketika Nolan membuat popcorn movie seperti The Dark Knight, rasanya gak ada film superhero yang memiliki plot cerita sebagus itu, my popcorn never taste that good while I watched The Dark Knight!

So, the bottom line is Christopher Nolan nailed again!!! And Leo DiCaprio's record as my the most fave actor all the time is remain intact! Let's see my review on the next post, shall we?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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